All You Need to Know About BMW M5 2015


Thinking to buy a new car but having problem find your next car that can meet your requirements? Well, the 2015 BMW M5 is something that can grab your interest. The M5 is very customizable, bringing you multiple drive, steering and transmission modes at your fingertips.


This great-looking vehicle features 4.4 liter Twin-scroll, Twin-Turbocharged engine producing 575 horsepower, which is quite sufficient to meet anyone’s needs and requirements. The standard Adaptive Suspension adds that much stability and feels super comfortable when driving around the town.


The Dual-Clutch transmission produces some strange behaviors when driving at low speeds. The stop-start system might sound you weird.  

Overall, the car has everything that a professional driver wants in a car. It’s brutally fast and comfortable. It delivers awesome stability and power, thanks to its expensive technology.

The BMW M5 2015 allows everything required to make your driving great on the road. The steering, engine, transmission and suspension each have 3 individually-selectable modes that transform this vehicle from street-friendly to racing stuff.

The standard 7 speed Dual-Clutch semi-automatic transmission combines 3 settings adjusting its programming and aggressiveness of shifts. The mode 1 feels lazy and emphasizes smooth early shifts. While the second and third modes gradually speeds up shifts while building more power to increase the stability.

The vehicle’s steering, like the suspension, is extremely customizable and presents gradually heavier feel. Overall, the car is all-fine and can meet your car driving needs. So, take this car into your consideration while opting for a new car.

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