Buying Guide for Gold Jewelry
Buying Guide for Gold Jewelry

Jewelry items are available in different materials and people opt for the ones they love to wear. Buying gold jewelry can be a very delightful experience if you know exactly what you need to look awesome at special occasions. All know that gold is one of the precious metals on this earth. So you should be very cautious while investing your money in this type of jewelry. Gold jewelry items are often durable and can stay fresh for years if kept with proper care. The price of gold varies, depending upon karat (weight) and where you buy from.

Buying Guide for Gold Jewelry

Know Purity Standards

You must be aware of the important fact that the value of gold is calculated by its purity which is also known as the fineness. The popular karat measurement of the Gold divides purity levels into 24th. For example, 12 karat gold jewelry is 50% pure whereas the 24 karat gold is 100% pure.

Decide Your Purity Requirements

Higher the purity, higher the price. So you should decide what purity level you would like to go for. The 24 karat gold jewelry is very soft and that’s the reason it is very prone to damage and scratching. If you wish to buy gold jewelry to wear on a daily basis, then I advise you not to go beyond 18 karat. This is roughly 75% at purity level and won’t damage easily. Never forget the fact that highly pure gold can be damaged if worn on a regular basis.

Buying Guide for Gold Jewelry 2

Select Color

You may not know that gold comes in different colors such as pink, white, yellow and green. The last one is the rarest of them all. These colors are obtained by mixing gold with other types of metals. So you should decide what color you need for your gold jewelry.

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