How to Care for Mature Skin in the Summer
How to Care for Mature Skin in the Summer

It is no news to anyone that in the summer the attention with the skin should be redoubled and anyone who has mature skin, which already shows signs of age, should take some extra precautions along with best acne facial in Manhattan. In addition to the sun’s rays, which are stronger and cause greater damage, the wind, sea salt and pool chlorine are also great villains and must be tackled with best Brazilian waxing in Manhattan. Check out!

Sunscreen is essential to protect from sun rays and free radicals

Using a sunscreen of factor 30 or higher is critical for all days and all ages, but this care is not always followed to the letter. In the case of mature skin, the lack of the product can cause more serious problems, such as compromising anti-aging treatments that, depending on the product, may stain or sensitize the skin.

Use of sunglasses prevents wrinkles around the eyes

Over the years, the skin will inevitably lose its elasticity and firmness, however careful it may be. That also happens with hands and feet, so look for cheap nail salons in Manhattan. Thus, those who have the habit of making very marked facial expressions tend to present the dreaded wrinkles and fine lines earlier and more clearly.

Enhancing hydration is also critical for more mature skin

In the summer there are several agents that contribute to the dryness of the dermis, which is especially harmful for those with mature skin. Sea salt and chlorine from the pool, and the sun and the air conditioning are villains of the balance of water and oil in the skin, which can leave it dry and therefore conducive to the formation of wrinkles and sagging, is therefore essential keep it well hydrated. The tip here is to bet on the dense creams for the body.

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