Polo Shirt to Complete Your Look Practically
Polo Shirt to Complete Your Look Practically

The polo shirt is that ideal basic piece for many looks that can be casual for any occasion of everyday life and still chic for a sophisticated event. Those who think that it is out of fashion is very mistaken, it is something timeless, which always reinvents itself and even gained the status of wild, that option that allows to dress quietly in several compositions.

But, for all these advantages can you use with anything? Are there rules to ensure perfect style? You can be sure that yes, so much so that we made this post with some tips not to sin when it comes to wearing your men’s polo shirt. Before that, however, it is nice to know its history and evolution.

Practical, comfortable, versatile and super democratic: it is impossible not to be enchanted by all the values of this classic piece!

The men’s polo shirt guarantees epic looks!

Before you know more about the brands and looks with men’s polo shirts, check out some tips before choosing your:

Pay attention to the exact size of the piece available at shirt shop (ร้าน เสื้อ เชิ้ต, which is the term in Thai). The pole shirt should be in the measure, not too big and not too small, neither so wide and nor so fair. This is the main rule that should never be overlooked.

There are more basic, smooth and monochromatic t-shirts that can be used quietly in many looks, especially neutral colors (white, black, gray). Otherwise, there are pole shirts with many stripes, prints and other details as well. In that case, try to balance with your look to create a beautiful and harmonious composition.

The shirt inside the pants is indicated only for formal and elegant events. For the casual and stripped style, it pays to use it more freely.

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