Tips To Choose The Ideal Bikinis & Tankinis To Ramp In The Summer!
Tips To Choose The Ideal Bikinis & Tankinis To Ramp In The Summer!

The warmer days are already approaching, and with them, the pools and beaches begin to get full. If you are already preparing to enjoy these days of intense heat, how about some tips when choosing the ideal Bikinis & Tankinis?

We know that with so many options and trends, sometimes it can be complicated to find that model that helps to value the positive points of our body and still be inside the fashion, is not it?

As the choice of bikini is a time that usually leaves many women full of doubts, we separate some super important tips that are sure to help you in this process.

Tips To Choose The Ideal Bikinis & Tankinis To Ramp In The Summer!

  1. Oval body

In this body shape, the waist region is wider in relation to the shoulders.

Therefore, the tip is to opt for One-pieces models that are slightly larger, with loops off the neck and, especially, with a slightly wider panties on the side and higher.

  1. Triangle

In the triangular body, the volume is concentrated in the hips, and so the top of the bikini can be more prominent.

Ideally, panties should be slightly high, with medium to medium canine preferably without details such as loops, buckles, and the like.

  1. Inverted triangle

The shoulders are wider than the hips and so the tops should have the straps closest to the neck.

Already the panties may have embellishments and side details, which helps create the optical illusion that the hip is larger.

It can also be lower and thinner.

  1. Hourglass

In this case, the shape of the body is proportional and so the woman can choose if she wants to give more prominence to the bust or the hip.

If you want to emphasize the hip, use smaller panties and highlighting the sides.

If you want to evidence the bust, opt for a more prominent top, use Cover-Ups with stronger colors and prints or differentiated cuts.

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