Top 3 Step For How Wearing A Wedding Tiara More Elegant
Top 3 Step For How Wearing A Wedding Tiara More Elegant


Bright and bold bridal flower crowns are best for summer brides. They ooze confidence and if a bride has planned an energetic and fun day then this style will fit the theme perfectly.  Larger crowns are usually supplied with ribbon to secure in place and look best when paired with long wavy curls.

wearing a wedding tiara

Here show to you 3 step for how wearing a wedding tiara more elegant

If you have a headpeice or veil that has a comb and can’t figure out how to fasten it to your hair securely enough, whether it be a down style or updo, here’s how:

Step1.) BEFORE your hair is styled, pinpoint where the piece will be inserted into the style on your head. Lets say for example you want to wear the veil directly on the back of your head, just at the crown area.

Step 2.) One inch down from top hair crown of the head, take a horizontal parting and lift hair up and forward and pin to top of the head so it’s out of your way.

Step 3.) Braiding the section. The braid should be about 3 inches wide and 1/4 to 1/2 inches long across the back of your head. Start at one end and braid as close and as tight to the scalp as possible. Fasten with a small, thin elastic.

Step 4.) Style hair as normal. NO ONE will ever see the braided part. Take the headpiece and slide the comb into the braided section.It might seem a little tight but it will loosen slightly over time. You can pin with bobby pins for added security.

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