Top Makeup Secrets to Look Fabulous
Top Makeup Secrets to Look Fabulous

No one wants to look older, right? Men do a lot to maintain their young fitness level. Women not just exercise, but also do a lot more to look perfect at all occasions. Makeup is one of the key secrets for every woman that makes her look younger than actual. You can look ten years younger than your actual age if you apply makeup in the right way. So here we are going to tell you top makeup secrets of the Hollywood actresses.

Top Makeup Secrets to Look Fabulous 2

Moisturizer before Foundation

One of the common mistakes that majority of women commit is to apply foundation directly to your face without using any moisturizer. This practice will enable your skin to extract moisture from the foundation which will eventually result in magnifying dry patches and wrinkles. So never let your skin suck up moisture from the foundation. Try using a good quality moisturizer before applying foundation. This will keep your face shiny and younger for many hours.

Women over 50 should try using Gold

If you are over 50 years old, then you should try using gold tones. This is because gold tones help a lot in neutralizing the redness on your face, counteract the gray pallor, making your look much healthier and younger. So never afraid of using gold tones in your makeup.

Top Makeup Secrets to Look Fabulous

Use Concealers

Another common blunder that women make while wearing makeup is that they use foundations to conceal weak parts of their skin. You should never use foundations for this purpose. Instead, use best quality concealers to cover problem spots. Using foundation to conceal can accentuate flaws and wrinkles appearing on your skin. So if you wish to look natural, don’t forget to use a good quality concealer on your precious face.

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